Company presentation

JP Grosfilley is a complex tools supplier for plastic parts of high complexity:

  • Rotating molds: mono and multi injection, single and multi-layer …
  • Rotating bases: simple rotation, double rotation, pharmaceutical range …
  • Innovative Technologies: In Mold Assembly, Injection Blowing …

Our goals are simple: to meet and satisfy your needs and meet your requirements.

That’s why, for more than 40 years, Grosfilley has developed and made available to its customers the most innovative solutions. Moreover JP Grosfilley has more than fifty patents and is recognized by the French State as a Research Laboratory.

Our commitment by your sides starts from the description of your problems to the installation of your tools and extends their service during their life cycle.

Experience of a recognized leader and solutions tailored to your needs. This is our business.


Grosfilley is a leader in the production of multi-material, multi-layered mold.

The company manufactures a large number of molds to assume the functions of sealing, insulation or deformation regardless industrial markets such as automotive, cosmetics, household appliances, …

Grosfilley company has developed a patent IMA In Mold Assembly

By combining an idex plate with an attached double rotary motion, Grosfilley is able to make molds capable of assembling and welding of the parts during an injection cycle. This limiting assembly added values and removing additional welding operations to include in the design of the mold : will result in better reliability and productivity of the manufacturing process.

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